Sitting Upshorts Video with Blue Panties

Diamonds and gold are rare and have great value, partially because they’re both very pleasing to the eye. Sitting upshorts videos are similar. They’re very rare, probably less than two percent of the number of sitting upskirt videos and they’re very pleasing to the eye. There’s something about the geometry of upshorts views that often lets us see things we wouldn’t see from an upskirt view of the same girl.

Like in this sitting upshorts of the girl in the khaki shorts and blue panties. We get to see pretty much all of the front of her panties, all the way to one side and almost all the way up to the waistband. And if you stick around for a few minutes like my camera guy did in the full clip, she’ll lift her other knee and we’ll get to see the other side of those blue bikini panties. It’s the same way for standing upshorts with a bag cam. They’re very, very rare but you normally get to see much more.

You can click HERE and see all there is to see of this girl’s SITTING UPSHORTS VIDEO and do it in much higher resolution than what you see here.

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