Sitting Upskirt of White Panties Under White Skirt

This sitting upskirt video of a girl in a white skirt and white panties goes with my prior post Sitting Upskirt White Thong Under Black Skirt In the Park. These two girls were lying together in the grass and both were giving great upskirts of their white panties. “Twofers” like this are very rare in the world of upskirt videos. It’s usually one girl in a skirt and the other in a pair of shorts or pants or one girl is showing and the other is doing a complete “Friar.” Or even worse, the cute girl of the two is wearing pants while the chubby one is in a skirt but her thighs are too big to be able to see anything.

This upskirt video is also notable for another thing, the visual voyeur you see sitting on the wall in front of the girls. These visual fucks are the plague of shooters like me. First of all, what these guys do is incredibly obvious. Like, there’s no one else sitting on this wall within 100 yards and this guy just “happens” to sit here? And then all of these fuckers are either myopic or have a panty-smelling fetish so they do their best to literally stick their noses up the girl’s skirts. And they always scare the girls. Fucking assholes have screwed up more good shots for me than anything else. They’re especially bad sitting on steps in places like Sacre Coeur. Get a job guys so you can afford a good sitting upskirt pay site.

Sorry, rant over. Enjoy the second half of the white panties sitting upskirt video twofor below. And remember that this is a low res version and you can see hundreds of girls in high resolution sitting upskirt videos here.

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Sitting Upskirt Getting Up in Black Panties

Very few girls can get up from sitting in the grass in a short skirt without showing their panties as we can see in this sitting upskirt video of a girl getting up in black panties under a denim miniskirt. Girls in motion are always good for seeing their panties whether it’s taking off their shoes on the steps of Sacre Coeur or rolling around in the grass while kissing their boyfriend.

Risings from the grass like this one are almost certain to produce upskirt panty views because most girls are not strong enough to stand while keeping their knees together. Try it yourself sometime and you’ll see what I mean. But not in a skirt, of course. Risings are rarely captured on video because they’re a real right place, right time situation. While a girl may sit still with her legs apart and her panties visible for many minutes or roll around in the grass with her boyfriend for the same, rising upskirts only take a couple of seconds and a cameraman needs to be prepared to capture them.

This is pretty much all of this girl’s rising upskirt but you can see more of her black panties if you click HERE. If you do that you can also see many more high definition SITTING UPSKIRT VIDEOS.

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Sitting Upskirt White Thong Under Black Skirt In the Park

This sitting upskirt of a girl in my favorite kind of panties is the first installment of a two-for. That is, two sitting upskirts for the price of one. Plus some bonus amusement that you’ll see in the next post.

As for this girl, my camera guy saw the tell tale raised knees and went in for the kill. But, as you can see, it was a little dark up there. Not quit a coal hole sitting upskirt but pretty close. And, unlike a still camera flash which pretty much no one notices, a full on video light in the park would have definitely attracted unwanted attention. So, what’s an intrepid upskirt videographer to do? Night Shot, that’s what. It’s not just for the night time. Sure, the background got blown out a bit but who cares when we get to see that nice little wedged white thong.

So click HERE to see the long hi-def scene of the Night Shot white thong sitting upskirt video. And then check out why my videographers are the best with many more SITTING UPSKIRT videos.

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Sitting Upskirt in Black Panties and Red Skirt at Sacre Coeur

The girl in this sitting upskirt video is the friend of the girl in the red and white thong who gave the quick upskirt flash. This girl gives us some long looks at her black panties up her red skirt. Just like another girl we just saw at Sacre Coeur, she has her knees together like mom told her but also her knees up and her feet down which is the perfect posture for giving up the upskirt goodies.

She’s also a bit distracted by eating and talking to her friend so she doesn’t notice either the breeze on her black panty crotch or the six guys sitting on the steps below her looking right up her skirt. I wish she was wearing any other color but black panties, like maybe my favorite white, because we could then see more but I’ll still take this two-for with the red and white striped thong girl.

Click HERE to see the full scene of the black panties under a red skirt girl and for many more tourist SITTING UPSKIRT videos.

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Sitting Upskirt Video Red and White Thong Flash at Sacre Coeur

A sitting upskirt photographer who is the lest bit lazy or slow will not be a productive sitting upskirt photographer. You never know when a venue will be dead or alive, even one as productive as Sacre Coeur, and you need to move on when you judge that one is dead. When I’m seriously shooting I spend 10-12 yours a day at it, almost all of it on my feet and moving. If you’re not willing to cover the ground you’re not going to get the upskirt shots.

And you have to be quick when you do see panties. This slow motion clip is all that got captured on this girl in the red and white panties. Actual running time of the exposed panties upskirt was less than five seconds before she effectively Friared up. The occasional award for quickness and determination is the two-for. That is, two sitting upskirts from the same vantage point as we’ll see from this striped thong girl and her friend in black to her right.

You’ve seen all the sitting upskirt video there is to see of the red and white striped thong girl but click HERE for the SITTING UPSKIRT VIDEO of her friend and many more Sacre Coeur tourists.

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Sitting Upskirt Video Wedged White Thong and Pubic Hair on Steps

Tourists are almost always the best subjects for sitting upskirt videos because they don’t understand upskirt geometry. Let’s look at he clip of this white thong-wearing, bush-peaking girl on the steps of Sacre Coeur. She thinks her panties are protected because she’s wearing a long skirt and she’s keeping her knees together just like mom told her to do in a skirt. But she has no idea whatsoever that the dropping elevation of the steps gives us upskirt fans a perfect view of her white thong with that luxuriant bush hanging out.

A girl who always a skirt or dress and who site on steps to eat lunch every day would never sit like this.She’d have her knees down and her skirt tucked in around her panties. If you don’t believe me about this, just go to Grande Arche de la Défense at lunchtime some weekday. Dozens of girls on skirts on even a slow day and not a pair of panties to be seen. The knees up upskirt posture like the girl in the clip is like a flashing beacon to an experienced upskirt photographer. I can scan a crown from the side and immediately home in on a pair of knees sticking out like this and have a reasonable chance of capturing a sitting upskirt video.

So enjoy the sitting upskirt video cip of the unaware tourist and then go HERE to see all of her high resolution details plus many more tourist SITTING UPSKIRT VIDEOS.

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Sitting Upskirt Video Hole in White Print Panties

Okay guys, here’s the big question for today: would you rather see a sitting upskirt video of a girl in wetspot stained panties or a girl in panties with a big hole in them? I can’t decide myself because I love both. But here’s a girl in white print panties with a big hole in them. Until I started shooting upskirt videos I never knew there were so many girls out there who didn’t listen to their mothers. You know, the “wear decent underwear in case you’re in an accident” talk from mom.

Panties can be pretty cheap so I don’t know whether having a big hole in your panties like this is an act of defiance against mom, simple frugality or a girl who wants a little breeze but doesn’t yet have the courage to go full commando. In any case, this girl gives us a great upskirt video view of her pubic hair through the gaping hole in her white print panties.

This concert in the park was a very productive upskirt event with this girl with the hole, the MILF with the big wetspot, the “look at me” girl in pink panties and several others. You can see all the high-def SITTING UPSKIRT VIDEOS in the park when you click HERE.

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Sitting Upskirt Video MILF in Stained White Panties

This sitting upskirt video of a MILF at a concert in the park is for all of you wetspot lovers. I could probably do a whole separate blog on the different kinds and causes of wetspots seen in sitting upskirt videos. Panty wetspots from pee, wetspots from cum, wetspots from pussy juice, wetspots from any combination of the above. I don’t know where or what this MILF’s wetspot is from but it’s a big one. Maybe there wasn’t any toilet paper in the porta-potty or maybe she had sex in one. Which would be kinda disgusting, by the way, but far better than no sex at all.

This upskirt wetspot MILF was at a very productive concert in the park. The same one that produced the pink panties “look at me” girl and the girl with the big hole in her white print panties. Watch the first couple of seconds closely and you’ll see my camera guy spot the wetspot MILF at a distance and then zoom into her. It’s the bare knees sticking up like that, they’re a veritable lighthouse for upskirt videographers.

You can see the full high-definition (four times larger than this clip) SITTING UPSKIRT VIDEO of the wetspot MILF when you click HERE.

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Sitting Upskirt Video Look at My Pink Panties Girl

This sitting upskirt video of a girl in pink panties is a cross between a voyeur video and an exhibitionism video. This girl is one of those people I see sitting in coffee shops (you know the chain) all the time. Someone who’s there to attract attention and see who’s watching them more than to do whatever it is they’re doing. A real “look at me, I’m wonderful” girl attempting to feed her rampant insecurities. And she does stand out at this concert in the park. She’s over-dressed, she has the dog along to attract more attention and she’s waving that big can of Sapporo along to advertise that she can afford over-priced imported beer.

And notice her, we do. Except, and here’s where the voyeur part comes in, we notice the sitting upskirt of the pink panties she’s displaying to everyone walking by. And it’s not an upskirt by design, she’d be plenty annoyed if she knew all we care about is her panties. But then, maybe I’m wrong. Why else would she wear pink panties with a white dress if she didn’t want us to see them up her skirt?

See all of her pink panties SITTING UPSKIRT VIDEO when you click HERE. And it’s four times larger than this clip.

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Sitting Upskirt Video of Hairy Sleeping Girl in White Panties

This sitting upskirt video just does everything for my upskirt fantasies. It’s a tired tourist in a miniskirt whose paying much more attention to her boyfriend than to her skirt and panties. And the panties, they’re white, my very favorite color as you know. And finally there are her peeking pubic hairs. Or in the case of this girl, what appears to be a nice full pubic bush. Combine the careless tourist, the white panties and the hair and you get my favorite flavor of sitting upskirt video.

I should say something about pubic hair, upskirts and nationalities. American girls appear to be phobic about pubic hair these days and very, very few of my upskirt videos of American girls show any pubic hair. On the other hand, European girls, and boyfriends and husbands, appear to still appreciate the texture and taste of hair and end up showing much more of it out the sides of their panties. Since this video was shot in a park next to a huge European tourist attraction, I’ll assume this girl is not American.

This clip here is just a taste of the full four minute high-def SITTING UPSKIRT VIDEO I have of this girl that you can see by clicking HERE.

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